7 Easy Weekend DIY Projects

The weekend is approaching. It is time to get the things we have all put off all week done. Laundry, grocery shopping, bill paying, and insert more boring things here. Maybe for a change this weekend, you can mix it up and work on an easy project for your home. Put on your DIY/creative hat and review these easy project ideas that can be completed in 48 hours or less. Pick one or two or three you would like to complete in the next few months!

  1. Distressed Headboard

    This headboard is made of plywood, a pallet, and two light fixtures.
  2. Rustic Shelf

    This small open shelf is great for any bathroom or bedroom where open storage is needed. It is made of 2″ x 2″s, 1″ x 4″s, plywood, screws, nails, and glue.
  3. Cardboard room divider
    This fun and easy room divider is also easy on the budget (it’s just cardboard).
  4. Recover a lampshade

    Revamp an dull old lampshade with some new bright fabric- glue, lampshade and fabric are the only items needed.
  5. Floating shelves
    Add some storage space to your walls with these floating shelves. Pine boards (several different sizes), plywood, brad nailer and Kreg jig are items needed to build.
  6. Coffee Table
      This fun coffee table looks great and only requires crates, l brackets, plywood, wood screws, and a drill.
  7. Console table
    This handy console table is the extra needed surface for your hallway, entryway, living room , or kitchen. The simple design is basic boards (1x3S, 1x4S, 1x2S) nailed together and painted.

This list is just a few of the many online instructions for DIY projects. Check out more diy furniture plans here. Do you have a favorite? Please feel free to add your own weekend projects to this list!


One thought on “7 Easy Weekend DIY Projects

  1. I love the fact you showed us that using these simply DIY could expand storage in your home. I liked that you not only talked about each one but you included different pinterest link that they viewer could click on and learn how to do they step by step. I thought that it was also important that you pick simple projects; it showed that a person of any age could incorporate and do these projects.


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