Who Me- Quilt?

I admire quilts. The lovely rhythm of the shapes, colors, and textures all flowing together delight my eyes. It truly is an art form from selecting all the fabrics, cutting them to precise measurements, sewing them into one piece, and then quilting the top and bottom together with a unique stitch design. As you probably know by now, I have Pinterest boards dedicated to my favorite quilts and favorite quilt blocks. For many sewing hobbyists the idea of quilting can seem quite overwhelming. These are my personal feelings towards quilting. I am a single parent that works full time, attends online college half time, and in my spare time I like to sew/craft.

I began to wonder how I could, with my limited time, venture into the world of quilting? After reflecting on this question, I realized that I cannot unless I just give up sleep altogether (not a very healthy option) but I could possibly sew a quilt block or QAYG (quilt as you go) small project.

The Answer-Five Quilt Block Tutorials

  1. String BlockSew Modern Bee - October
    This quilt is made small strips and is fairly simple to piece together.

2. Chevron Fun (this is just made of triangles)chevron
This quilt  block is made of eight small triangles to create this lovely Chevron pattern.

3. Slice It!
The method for this quilt block consists of nine pieces of fabric that are randomly cut to create 9 blocks.sliceanddicetut#2

4.Quilt as you go Log Cabins  finished blocks!
This quilt as you go log cabin method begins with a piece of batting and several strips of material. The material is sewn to the batting and quilted as the block is assembled.

5. QAYG Seaside Boardwalk 
Another quilt as you go method with a different pattern.

These are just a few of the many quilt block tutorials I have found. Feel free to view some of my other favorites here. Do you have any favorite blocks that you would like to share?


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